I've lived in Louisiana since 1989 but was born and raised in Washington State. I love fishing and being outdoors, and spend a lot of time in or near water. I love most 80's music, but especially Van Halen! Music is a huge part of my day and my tastes vary depending on the activities going on! My favorite colors are purple and green; I love flowers, but especially tiger lilies; and I believe chocolate should have it's own food group.

Anyone who knows me has witnessed my slight obsession with video games. What games do you play? Let me know when you contact me about your photography needs!

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I like timeless, understated elegance. True color and crisp black and white images. Weddings are every little girls dream and I love that I can help make those dreams last forever in your memories!


I have lived in Louisiana for more than half my life so I consider myself a southerner now. I live for crawfish season and LSU football!


My favorite food group is chocolate, and if it has caramel it is even better! I love sunsets and the rain and the fresh smell right after it rains. 


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